DIY Popsicle Ornaments for Kids

I get a little crazy about my Christmas tree. It has to be magazine perfection with matching ornaments, ribbon and bows. Even the gifts beneath the tree have to match the tree decor because my self-diagnosed OCD is out of control! And since I know I would be a completely horrible mom if I told my children, “you can just put that cute little homemade ornament back here, behind the tree, where nobody can see it”, I have decided to start a new and more exciting tradition of having a mom tree and a kid tree! My husband could care less if he had his own tree.  But his super tall body comes in handy when it comes to decorating the very top branches of the tree that nobody else can reach. Believe me, I have tried, and both me and the ladder fell face first into the tree.

At first I felt a tiny pang of guilt for having a separate kids Christmas tree just so that I can go all Martha Stewart on 9 feet of artificial goodness, but I saw firsthand how my children could careless about helping me decorate. I used to envision these sweet little boys standing on their tippy toes as they hung little ornaments above their heads, while listening to Christmas music. Instead they choose to chase each other around the house, play outside, or tie the furniture together with yarn.

But, when I told them we were going to do crafts and make homemade popsicle stick ornaments for their very own Christmas tree, they were all in! You wouldn’t believe how many popsicles I made my kids eat just so I could create this DIY for you all. I’m totally kidding but I am super excited to share with you all of these cute little ornaments my little elves made.


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