From one mom to another, let me tell you that parenting is never easy.  Now throw in a pair of twins boys and a baby brother, and you’ve got yourself a myriad of sleepless nights, countless days of hair-pulling, pinching, and screaming children, and one big beautifully, messy adventure.

Hi there! I’m Jessica, a wife and stay-at-home-mother of three boys. My husband is an aspiring pilot, and I have a budding photography business on the side. The five of us live in a small, cozy town in Northern Wisconsin where we purchased a fixer upper where we raise our family.

I started Snip + Snail in hopes of inspiring other stay-at-home parents with helpful advice, creative DIYs, Pinterest fails, fun recipes and more. My aim with this blog is to share inspiration with others who find joy in being “just a mom”, because we all know that momming is hard work!