26 Week Bumpdate

It’s crazy to think that in another two weeks time, my twins would’ve been born. This time around, I am so not prepared for that! Not that I was prepared before, but at least the house was clean and the nursery was painted.

So what does 28 weeks feel like? Heavy. Everything feels so heavy! Baby is about 15″ long and kicking my butt every night night while I try to get some sleep. In all honesty, sleep went out the door years ago when I was pregnant with the twins. Who needs sleep anyway? Because I know the kids apparently don’t care about naps.

Although I feel like a moose, my productivity level has skyrocketed since the first trimester. My daily to-do lists are easily accomplished and my energy is elevated back to a healthy level. I feel like I can conquer anything right about now, except for keeping up with my blog.

I’ve gained about 14 pounds as I enter the third trimester in just a couple short weeks. My normal clothes no longer fit me but I’ve made sure to buy clothing with tons of stretch or flow to avoid the outrageously high mom tax on maternity clothing.

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